Our in-house software development has been crucial to achieving and maintaining our industry leading position. This capability enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of applications with unprecedented flexibility.

We offer a range of cost effective PC based inventory and picking solutions for use with our Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules (Shuttle® and Element®) and for all forms of static shelving:


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Comprehensive Inventory control
  • Use with Kardex Vertical Storage Units (VSUs) for comprehensive PICK / PLACE / VERIFY inventory control and location management
  • Set up as STANDALONE or NETWORKED with multiple VSUs
  • Runs on WIN OS and uses MS SQL database for integrity and security
  • Integrates with SortBench for PLACE to LIGHT picking and KardexIHS browser utility
  • Inbuilt HOST Interface for closed loop data exchange


Host driven inventory control
  • Use with all Kardex VSUs
  • Intended for use with comprehensive HOST systems where all location management is handled by the host WMS or ERP
  • HOST passes PICK / PLACE information to VSU by 'list file'
  • wCARMANLite presents pass through data to user
  • Runs on WIN OS and uses MS SQL database


Entry level location management for racking and shelving
  • Use for comprehensive PICK / PLACE / VERIFY inventory control and location management
  • Multi-face, multi-zone configuration, unlimited locations
  • Fixed or dynamic storage, location based or FIFO picking
  • Standalone or networked with multiple VSUs and KardexIHS database


Consolidate your orders at the pick face
  • PLACE to LIGHT for consecutive multi-order picking with 1 to 4 VSUs
  • Consolidated picking for up to 20 orders on one SortBench
  • Use with wCARMAN or wCARMANLite
  • Manage PRIORTY orders, PRIORITISE on the fly
  • Process orders in groups, continuously or automatically
  • Scalable as your system grows; add stations, add VSUs easily

KardexIS Data Browser

View all system details from your desk
  • Bring the VSS operational details to your desk with KardexIHS browser
  • Use KardexIHS browser as a tool for customer service staff / counter sales staff to confirm inventory availability
  • Review your system configuration and location utlitisation easily
  • Review your empty locations and 'aged' inventory easily
  • View real time transactions and stock holdings

Shelf Select™

Simple machine control
  • Use with all Kardex VCA Carousels
  • Intended for 'occasional use' systems such as archives or records management
  • Provides method to sequence shelves at fast speed
  • Provide 'User' access control to specific shelves

Direct Machine Control - PLC ActiveX

Machine control integration with your high end ERP
  • Use with Kardex VSUs
  • Used by high level host systems such as SAP for direct machine control
  • Integrate Kardex VCA's ActiveX middleware into your inventory application and pass machine movement and bin lamp control requests to the VSU with transparent error handling

All Kardex VCA customer sites using our software applications are issued with a software Licence. Kardex VCA software licences are not transferable. Please refer to your licence for the terms of use of the software.

If you do not ahave a copy of your licence, are relocating or selling your equipment, please contact Kardex VCA Customer Service for advice regarding your software licence.